Bride & Groom FAQs

Bride & Groom Frequently Asked Questions About Wedding Cakes

How do we freeze our top tier?

  • We will leave a box for your top tier at the reception, usually under the cake table. Your caterer can pack your cake in this box for you to take home. Once you get it home, freeze it for about 1 hour, then unbox the cake, wrap it in several layers of plastic wrap, followed by a layer of foil. Put the wrapped cake into a plastic icecream pail, or a Tupperware, and put it in the bottom of your freezer. To thaw, unwrap and thaw in your refrigerator. Serve with a glass of bubbly!

When will you deliver our cake?

  • We will set up a “window of time” with your caterer /venue. This window is approximately a three-hour span. Please advise your caterer/venue to have your cake table ready with a linen on it prior to our arrival. We will call your caterer/venue the week of your wedding to set up this delivery window of time. For example, if your reception starts at 5pm, we will deliver the cake sometime between the hours of 1:30-4:30.

We have a cake topper. Do we bring it to you?

  • No, please leave your topper ON the cake table. It must be on the table when we arrive, or we will not place it. If you have a topper, let us know in advance, there is a place on your contract for this important info. We like to know ahead of time if a topper is particularly heavy, or tippy, so that we can make any necessary preparations for its placement. Upon delivery, if we feel that your topper is unstable, and may fall, we will not place it on the cake, but will display it next to the cake.

My aunt is cutting our cake for us. Any advice?

  • Yes! We can provide  a cutting guide. It’s a diagram on how to cut the cake into the correct number of servings. If you think your caterer should have one, let us know! We can bring a copy when we deliver. We can also email one to your aunt in advance of the wedding, as moral support!

When is our balance due?

  • All details, including balance due, any changes to style, serving count, flavor, set up, must be taken care of at the “15 day point”: 15 days before your wedding. We’ll send you a reminder email before the 15 day point.

What’s a groom’s cake?

  • A groom’ cake is a separate cake, made to honor the groom! It’s the groom’s choice of cake and filling.  At Queen of Cakes, most of our wedding cake orders include a free 6” groom’s cake. This free cake is delivered with the wedding cake, and placed next to the main cake. It is decorated with the groom’s name, or monogram, or the wedding date. Some couples like to bring it back to their room at the end of the night for their own private dessert; or for breakfast the next morning! We do make larger, more customized cakes that can be picked up and served at the rehearsal dinner, call us for a price quote on a cake that will thrill him!

Anniversary Cake?

  • On our larger cake orders, the top tier is complimentary (free!). We do not count it in the guest’s serving count; we plan that you will be keeping it for your wedding anniversary. If you choose to serve the cake (not save it), you can purchase a reproduction of the top tier next year, to enjoy on your wedding anniversary. Simply call us at least a week ahead of time to order. We keep your original info on file, and can pull up all the info we need to re-create your top tier. Prices are subject to current price structure.

Can you charge my balance to my credit card?

  • We can, if you call in the credit card number to us. We do not keep credit card info on file for this purpose.